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Screens on hatch.

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, November 20, 2012, In : Hatches 
I had to install a hatch screen, in order to attach a different piece.  Looks great.
Notice the build up around the window.  I replaced all the old wood, but then leveled things out and built up the area with epoxy in an attempt to make it look like it was meant to be that way.  Again....looks great from far away.

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New Counter Tops

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, November 20, 2012, In : Galley 
We cut and finished the new counter tops.  Almost done.  Need to attach the railing.  

Found a business going out of business and were selling off all their counter tops.  Our are not the Corian brand, but same material. (I just call them Corian because I can't remember the other name.  And I was afraid of the police showing up at any moment when I was buying the stuff so I just payed and got out of there.  A bit of a shady deal going on...I think.).   I cut it with all wood working tools.  Ta...

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Chain Plates finished

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, November 20, 2012, In : Chain plates 
 Chain plates have all been fixed up.  I replaced 7 of the 14 chain plates.  The 2 larger main mast plates, plus some smaller ones that showed pitting.  The rest were in good condition.

I also moved 2 chain plates.  All the chain plates on the Whitby 42 have great access.....except one (on each side).  It is buried inside of the wood.  So I moved the chain plate that was inside the wood 1/2 inch out to the other side of the bulkhead it was on.  This now allows easy access for inspection.  I wa...
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Back To Work

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, November 20, 2012, In : Rant 
Football Season has ended.  Took my team to the championship game and came up a little short.  Used a 100 year old single wing offense, adapted to Canadian football play.  A fun wild ride, but exhausting. 

Some short articles:
Banting revives old fashion football.
Banting falls short in finals

I have been working, although slow and when I get a chance.  So I have a bunch of things that have been updated.

Varnishing is getting close to being able to say we are close to being done (???  it seems to...
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Bryan Haas

Please feel free to contact me! I grew up on the waters of the Chesapeake sailing and fishing. I was paid to work, sail, race, and sometimes live on a 51' Hinkley (they didn't really need to pay me but they offered!). I am a high school science teacher who likes to learn by doing. Used to teach at "The Sound School" in New Haven Ct. Check it out, the most amazing on- the- water school there is. I have rebuilt smaller boats from scratch, but nothing on this scale. This is an adventure. All help is greatly appreciated.

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