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Posted by Bryan on Monday, February 11, 2013, In : Toys 
To chase away the winter, we bought some toys at the Toronto boat show.  Should be a great way to get some leg exercise, and go fishing at the same time.  Comes with 2 fishing pole holders right behind the seat.  So a little trolling as you work out.  More at the Hobie website.

A Hobie "Mirage Drive" peddle kayak.  Check out this you tube video.

We also got regular paddle kayaks.  10 foot Perception Pascador sit on top kayaks.
Now we just need liquid water.  It is all frozen up here (again....a...
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Posted by Bryan on Monday, February 11, 2013, In : Rant 
A reminder why we are going on this trip.

The same storm that hammered New England dropped a fair amount of snow on the Toronto and north of Toronto area.  These pictures make it look like a lot more than it is, but the way the drifts collected looks impressive.  We had about 15 nches of snow.  We are at the top of a big hill....and the only hill... for a long ways.  We get some impressive winds that pile up the snow.  Some places of our yard have 2-4 inches of snow, other have  24 inches.

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Winches Rebuilding

Posted by Bryan on Monday, February 11, 2013, In : Winches 
Sahara took apart the main sheet winch., cleaned it up, and put it back together.  And there were no extra pieces!.

The Jib sheet winches are awaiting new pieces, shipped from Australia.  Barlow has long out of business.  A company in Australia has the molds/designs/ etc.... and can make new pieces if you need them. The Australian Yacht Winch Company

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Cockpit Cushions Done!

Posted by Bryan on Monday, February 11, 2013, In : Cushions 
I am now done with all the cushions. (except for the hard dingy).

Cockpit cushions are made from scratch, all new.  The foam is NOT a closed cell foam.  I did that once for my boat and regretted it.  Yes, the are nice to not absorb water and you cal throw them in the water for fun, but they were not nice to sit on.  They got hot!    So these are made with an outdoor cushion foam that drains fast and is anti-mildew.  2" thick.

Covered with Olefin, a synthetic material, that is made for outdoor f...
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Engine Exhaust

Posted by Bryan on Monday, February 11, 2013, In : Exhaust 
Finally got my engine exhaust redone!!  Now I can put that back on, witch dictates where the lifter goes, then the generator, then that exhaust, then water filters, gas filters, etc..etc...etc....  

It is all stainless stee pipe with a flex part for vibration.

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Varnish and Varnish....never ending

Posted by Bryan on Monday, February 4, 2013, In : Varnish 
We keep on varnishing.  Even though outside temps are -15 degrees Celsius (about 3 F) we can varnish in the green house when it is sunny.  Can get up to 22 C  in there.  It seems to go on forever.  However, we are starting to put hinges back on etc...  Soon the pieces will all be ready to re install.
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Mattress pads

Posted by Bryan on Monday, February 4, 2013, In : Cushions 
All the cushions are done!!  They look good, smell a lot better too.  Now I am making custom sheets and mattress pads.
The plan is to have mattress pads that could go on top of other foam cushion tops (like egg carton, etc....) if we need them.  Not sure yet.  One set of double sheets perfectly did the V birth with a few seems and one twin did each aft cabin side.

Here are some samples (cat really likes them). (and I took a nap in front of the fire)

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