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Engine Room Plumbing

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, In : Exhaust 
I have been tackling the engine room plumbing.  I was waiting for my dry riser and now that I have installed that, things are starting to progress.

I now have all the exhaust for the main engine run.
The cockpit drains have now been run.  I needed to get some stainless steel pipes to make elbows and T fittings.
From Unified Alloys in Milton Ontario.  They were great to work with and helped me find the parts I needed with the smallest budget.  Quick and very helpful.  Ask for Frank.

The T fitt...
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Electrical Panel

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, In : Electrical 
The electrical is coming together.  I have mapped out all the electrical on paper.  Now just slowly trying to put it all together so that it is neat.  Right now, few of the wires are fastened to the wall, I will do that as I get more.  The long string of black connectors to the right will be where all the wires from the circuit panel will connect  That way the door can be easily opened and all this will be accessible.  The white with blue tag box is the galvanic isolator.  

I have some giant w...
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Fresh water filter

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, In : Fresh water plumbing 
I installed my fresh water filters, pump, and pressure tank.  The wall to the right has the tow handles that control which tank the water comes from, and if I desire, what tank I can pump back to.  Blue pipes are filtered water, white is non filtered.

I have 2 shark byte fittings, and if I undo those, and the screws holding in the equipment, I can take it all out in one chunk if I need to.

The filters are standard home water filters that you can get at any home hardware type store.  They will h...
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Manual Bilge pump

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, In : Bilge pumps 
I re installed the manual bilge pump.  I used sanitation hose because I had it!.  The previous owner over bought, or had other plans.  So after putting in all my sanitation hosing, I had some left over so I used it.  If all goes right, I should never need any of this.

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Fridge Door

Posted by Bryan on Monday, March 4, 2013, In : Fridge 
Put a new gasket on the fridge door.  It is a magnetic lock gasket found on most traditional doors.  The old gasket was horrible, and more green with mold and mildew then white.  I needed to router a 3/8 " track for the gasket and it sticks in.  New fasteners needed.  I found some vinyl glue to glue the seems, but it is not perfect.  Not sure the best way to do this.
Any ideas??? 

The gasket has great spring to it and the door will still have a locking latch that will compress it in.  I wouldn'...
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Swim Platform

Posted by Bryan on Monday, March 4, 2013, In : Swim Platform 
This is something that been going on since last August.

We finally have our new Swim Platform (And new davits...can see them behind the platform).

 We put a lot of thought into this.  It will be a launching platform for Kayaks, a shower area, a fish cleaning station, a docking station for the dingy, fishing platform, etc... etc...  It will be used  a lot.  Built by Stainless Steel Outfitters in Barrie Ontario.  It will be installed during March.   The davits will actually come down and mount on...
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Latches and hinges

Posted by Bryan on Monday, March 4, 2013, In : Wood work 
Reinstalling all the hinges and door hardware.  40 doors???  

Mostly the original hardware cleaned up and put back.  A few new pieces to replace broken parts.  And a few more still needed to be ordered.
  A small sample of the doors.

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Galley Sinks and counter redone

Posted by Bryan on Monday, March 4, 2013, In : Heads 
We put new laminate over the old counter tops, polished up the sinks, new drains and new faucets.

Looks good, Now just needs to be installed.

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Pedestal Backing plate

Posted by Bryan on Monday, March 4, 2013, In : Pedestal 
We cut a new pedestal backing plate out of Stainless steel.  Old one was aluminum and with the stainless bolts, was a mess.  This will look much nicer.

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Helms A'Shining

Posted by Bryan on Monday, March 4, 2013, In : Pedestal 
Sahara polished up the helm.

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New stove

Posted by Bryan on Monday, March 4, 2013, In : Galley 
We LOVE to cook and bake.  When we bought the boat, we new we would need a new stove.  The old one, original, only has 2 of 3 burners working and no window in the door.   We made eclairs to celebrate the new stove.  Sorry, no pictures, we ate them too fast..
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New Anchors

Posted by Bryan on Monday, March 4, 2013, In : Anchor 
We have 2 CQR Anchors.  a 65lb (+?) and a 50 lb.  We wanted some variety in our choices and were impressed with everything we have read about the new Rocna anchors.  A different design, but we can't find anything bad about them.  Of course.....we haven't used it yet.  
The Danforth anchor, 22 lbs, is the emergency stop anchor.  It will be mounted on the stern rail.
Rocna 25 (25 kg...or 55 lbs)

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More Winches

Posted by Bryan on Monday, March 4, 2013, In : Winches 
Devon And Sahara rebuilt the main winches and installed new parts.  We did a time laps video which we hope to post.
Here are some picks:

 Main winches are Barlow 28's.  New lower gear teeth and one new gear (on the bottom left corner of green tray)

Below, an Aluminum Harken winch that was used because one of the Barlow's had a broken gear.  This one is now redundant.  a spare.  

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