Football Season has ended.  Took my team to the championship game and came up a little short.  Used a 100 year old single wing offense, adapted to Canadian football play.  A fun wild ride, but exhausting. 

Some short articles:
Banting revives old fashion football.
Banting falls short in finals

I have been working, although slow and when I get a chance.  So I have a bunch of things that have been updated.

Varnishing is getting close to being able to say we are close to being done (???  it seems to go on forever).

installing wood back into the boat.  A puzzle.  I often install a single piece 3 to 5 I realize I should have put piece B on before D, etc....  Or I find piece F, which I didn't even know about until Piece G goes on, but F should have gone on first!!!  So it is slower than I thought it would take.  Remember, I didn't take the boat apart.

And I ventured into the realm of corian counter tops.  From a distance, they look flawless!! (A distance....)