Sorry for the delay in posts.  The last 30 days has been the most busy in my life.  Here is a list of things that have happened, that prevented me from updating.  I will be putting a bunch of updates soon, that show all the work that has happened:

1.  End of june is always busy for High school teachers.  Exams, grades, clean up, etc..
2.  Both my kids birthdays.
3.  Last minute attachments to the boat for transport.
4.  packed as much as posstlbe into the boat for transport to Port Kinsale Marina Virginia
5.  Then had to pack up my entire house to MOVE OUT.
6.  Did all the repairs to my house for the know...that hole in the dry wall that has been there for years....the electrical plug that doesn't work but you ignore it....painting that horible wall the kids have put 1000 pictures on.... etc...
7.  Packed everything down stairs into a basement room...that had to get upgraded to prevent mold.
8.  Many dump runs.
9.  Sold as much old furniture as possible.  Love the internet for that.
10.  Sold our car, deal done Friday night....we left Sunday.
11.  Finalized the rental agreement, etc....
12.  Way over packed the car, took the trailer, put on the Kayaks, bottomed out the suspension (I think).
13.  Set up somebody to mow the lawn
14.  Got the Cat taken to the vet for shots
15.  Kids last soccer games.

This all happnend from June 18th to July 1st.

Then we had a new list of things to get done, all during a nice heat wave.
1.  get new banking accounts in US dollars so the exchange doesn't kill us.
2.  got all the stuff out of the boat so we could work on it.  It only gets up to about 108 at about 1:00 in the afternoon.
3.  Got the kids looked after by grandparents.

on the boat we have
Put the dodger/bimini back on
connected all the wires to the engine
installed the new instrument panel
put all the rigging back on the mast
put all the running rigging on the mast
new wire conduit(i really hate that job)
found all the pieces that were packed away on the boat in random places.
We have set up a marine inspector now and a crane.  the mast should be up soon.  Once we get the marine inspection, we will splash in.  (after a long careful once over of everything on the boat)

I will post more soon