I started installing the new Fuel System.  I purchased 2 4 way 1/2 inch valves.  This will allow me to control from a single switch where the fuel is coming from and where it is going to.  I will have the means to pump fuel from any tank to another and filter it if needed.  I am using copper pipe that is covered with polyethlene cover.  It is used here in Ontario for hooking up oil tanks for home heating. Read more at the link: Copper Pipe  I figure it can't hurt in the boat.  Will protect it from touching other metals and keep water off it.  Fool proof, NO, but It might extend the life a few years.  The old lines I took out were in really bad shape.  Most were green goo. and had lost a lot of integrity.  Thy where brittle and snapped.  No more flex.

Nice calm valves on the outside:

Chaos on the inside: