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Electrical Panel

Posted by Bryan on Wednesday, June 12, 2013, In : Electrical 
With the help of a good friend and my nephew, I was able to install the electrical panel.  Only a few mistakes here and there, but otherwise, so far, everything is working.
Here is all the wiring behind the panel.  So far, I have had to go back and add 2 wires.  I am sure I will have to add some more later.  

Here is the panel installed

Then we installed the nav station and the radio holder.
The Radio holder (lack of better name) was a great idea by the PO.  
He did a great job building it from sc...

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Cockpit electronics

Posted by Bryan on Monday, May 27, 2013, In : Electrical 
We completely redid the electronics and electrical to the cockpit.  This is where all of the outside lights can be controlled from.

The 8 switches control:
1. Anchor light
2. Running lights with tri color, or running lights with steamer light. (double direction rocker switch)
3. Cockpit light
4. Main spreader light
5.  Mizzen light
6. Salt water pump
7. Davit light at the bac
8. The three instruments.  Depth, Wind, and speed.
There is also a 12 volt plug, and we have an adapter to convert that to a USB...
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plumbing conduit

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, April 2, 2013, In : Electrical 
I have been running conduit for various wires that have to go in in hard to reach places.

I ran a 1 inch diameter heavy duty tube, that is usually used in wells, to connect the well pump to the house (I had to replace mine and they come in 100 foot rolls....only needed 45 feet!).  It will house the generator AC wire.  3 strands of 8 gauge wire.  This photo is showing the conduit that will feed wires up to the cockpit circuit breaker switch.  I chose it because it is white and will blend in, an...
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Growing electrical

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, April 2, 2013, In : Electrical 
The electrical is growing and growing.  I am about 80% done.  It is an evolving process as I learn more and more.  And I add more and more new things I did not plan on.

Here is what behind the scenes of the electrical panel looks like at the moment.  I have not tidied up the wires, I am waiting until most are in.  I have enough the keep them out of the way.

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Electrical Panel

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, In : Electrical 
The electrical is coming together.  I have mapped out all the electrical on paper.  Now just slowly trying to put it all together so that it is neat.  Right now, few of the wires are fastened to the wall, I will do that as I get more.  The long string of black connectors to the right will be where all the wires from the circuit panel will connect  That way the door can be easily opened and all this will be accessible.  The white with blue tag box is the galvanic isolator.  

I have some giant w...
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Electrical switches

Posted by Bryan on Monday, January 14, 2013, In : Electrical 
A home made electrical switch panel.  Controls the 3 lights in the galley area (over sink, over stove, over fridge Plus the Galley Fan).   I plan on putting these in the aft area for fans and lights as well.  Each switch has a little LED indicator light  The plug in the upeper right is a direct AC plug.  It will not take power from the inverter, but only directly from shore or the generator.  So you don't have to worry about draining batteries if using this plug.

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Electrical connections

Posted by Bryan on Monday, January 14, 2013, In : Electrical 
I have been spending a lot of time going over the electrical system on paper.  Lots of revisions and fixes.  Starting from almost scratch.  The previous owner had some brand new electrical products (Xantrex 2000), pumps, lights, etc...  Most that would only work on 12 volt, so I am sticking with that.  However, next time around, I would think about the 24 volt.  Save a lot on wires.  Still not 100% sure of all things that are getting connected, but have started with the sure things.  The syst...

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Electrical is starting

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, August 7, 2012, In : Electrical 

I did a temp set up of the electrical 120 panel so I could run all the outlets.
And pretend I have an Air conditioner (the middle label)

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First Wire on the boat

Posted by Bryan on Sunday, July 22, 2012, In : Electrical 
I finally put a wire on the boat the other day.  The shore power connector.  30 amp service.
The old one was broken plastic. 

Putting in the 120 volt so I can get rid of extension cords.  I found some Plastic electrical boxes that are still to code.  They don't have all the metal sticking out the back!  Just a nice little box.  I decided to use the rings on all the wires so that nothing every comes undone....or is less likely too?

I found these handy plugs on sale.  I got them for the aft state...

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Bryan Haas

Please feel free to contact me! I grew up on the waters of the Chesapeake sailing and fishing. I was paid to work, sail, race, and sometimes live on a 51' Hinkley (they didn't really need to pay me but they offered!). I am a high school science teacher who likes to learn by doing. Used to teach at "The Sound School" in New Haven Ct. Check it out, the most amazing on- the- water school there is. I have rebuilt smaller boats from scratch, but nothing on this scale. This is an adventure. All help is greatly appreciated.

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