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Varnishing ending???

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, April 16, 2013, In : Varnish 
NEVER.  Just when you think you have it all done, more shows up, more is created, something is scratched, etc....

It will never finish.  But we are almost to the point where we have varnished everything the first time.  Tara has been doing an amazing job at the varnishing.  She has gotten really good at it.  For only $200 an hour will she ever varnish again after this project.

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Varnish and Varnish....never ending

Posted by Bryan on Monday, February 4, 2013, In : Varnish 
We keep on varnishing.  Even though outside temps are -15 degrees Celsius (about 3 F) we can varnish in the green house when it is sunny.  Can get up to 22 C  in there.  It seems to go on forever.  However, we are starting to put hinges back on etc...  Soon the pieces will all be ready to re install.
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More Varnishing

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, September 4, 2012, In : Varnish 
Tara has been leading the charge on getting all the wood varnished.  However, it is a team effort.

She is working so fast in the boat you can't even get a picture of her.

The inside of the boat has been sanded and taped.  Now just to varnish.  Once that happens, lots of wood is ready to go back on.

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Painting and Varnishing

Posted by Bryan on Tuesday, August 7, 2012, In : Varnish 
We have all been painting and varnishing pieces. So they are ready to be put back on.  
Fill any bad holes, fix any delaminating plywood--or replace, etc....

In theory, it will all be ready to put back together and will happen really fast...ish....sort of...eventually.


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Bryan Haas

Please feel free to contact me! I grew up on the waters of the Chesapeake sailing and fishing. I was paid to work, sail, race, and sometimes live on a 51' Hinkley (they didn't really need to pay me but they offered!). I am a high school science teacher who likes to learn by doing. Used to teach at "The Sound School" in New Haven Ct. Check it out, the most amazing on- the- water school there is. I have rebuilt smaller boats from scratch, but nothing on this scale. This is an adventure. All help is greatly appreciated.

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