Chain plates have all been fixed up.  I replaced 7 of the 14 chain plates.  The 2 larger main mast plates, plus some smaller ones that showed pitting.  The rest were in good condition.

I also moved 2 chain plates.  All the chain plates on the Whitby 42 have great access.....except one (on each side).  It is buried inside of the wood.  So I moved the chain plate that was inside the wood 1/2 inch out to the other side of the bulkhead it was on.  This now allows easy access for inspection.  I was able to fill the existing void with the Bullet board and about 15 layers of fiberglass and epoxy completely reinforcing the entire area.

Here are some pictures of the process: 
 (it was done on both side, although my pictures seem to alternate back and forth between the two sides.)

First picture shows where the bolts, but no chain plate was located.  It was on the other side of this piece of wood.
Second picture shows the rotten wood removed plus the void that was in the middle from the chain plate.  Sandwiched between the bulkhead and the filler space.  These chain plates were in the worst condition.

First picture above shows the rebuild of the port side, aft side.  Second picture is the head side.  The entire piece was taken out and redone.  Water gets inside and caused rotting.
These show the area repainted, then new varnish along with the chain plate in the new location.  Easy access!
And moved 1/2 inch aft.

The Head side of the other picture painted.     Second picture is the main cabin port side.  You can also see the FRP (Fiberglass reinforced Plastic) that I am using in place of the peg board. More on that later.