The corian counter tops are IN!!!  I have been working on this a lot.  It is something I can mess up on.  I bought the corian from a guy who I suspect had the shop owner tied up in the front of the store and he was selling out the back of the store.  Or it was a front for some sort of organized crime..  I paid cash and got out of there fast.  So if I mess up, there is no going back.  I had just enough for what I needed.

I have now put on the lip around the counter and installed the freezer/fridge tops.  The shelves are also in.  Lots of new insulation in the lid.  

I got rid of the cutting board on top.  A stupid design plan from a "Chefs" point of view.
Reasons a permanent cutting board is a bad idea:
 1.  Difficult to clean properly.
 2.  Couldn't cut any meat on it, juice would run into your fridge.  Not a good idea.
 3.  So you are half way done cutting up the onion, and remember the pepper...still in the fridge???  that is bad.
 4.  I have never had wooden cutting board, that you only use on one side, that didn't warp.
 5.  And as Alton Brown would say, it is just plain "Bad Eats" to have a counter top/cutting board.

So I just got rid of the concept and will have separate cutting boards.  I am going to have 2 that fit perfectly over the sink 

First the BEFORE for perspective:

Now After