This was actually in mid August.  Every hole was filled, as I am assuming I am putting in new things.  Every hole was drilled out with at least 1/2 inch, and if water damage I went further. Then all filled.  With holes I know I will need to redrill later, I put a small dimple so I could find them again after painting (thanks Paul for that super simple genius idea).  I painted with 2 coats of a 2 part epoxy paint.  A friend of mine is an avid sailor, Canadian Olympic sailor, and has been in the paint business for 40+ years.  Now retired.  He knows that some paint that are "Marine" just have a different label and a higher price.  This stuff was still expensive, $180 for the 2 gallons.  
I broke my collar bone soon after finishing the paint and forgot to take pictures.  Once the snow melts and the shelter comes off the boat I will post pictures.  I will be using Kiwigrip non skid paint.  Light blue.