The dodger people, Sportech out of saint Catherine's Ontario are doing the work.  This was after their second visit.  The hardware is all installed and the panels are now being finished.
Thanks to Gerry and the idea for the Ipe wood.  The railing in the cockpit were dead, rotted away, and then destroyed as I tried to take them off.  Gerry recomended looking into Ipe wood.  Much cheaper, nice looking, and also very rot resistant.
We got it from Century Mill Lumber in Stouffville Ontario. (Central ontario).  Cost $3.99 a linear foot for 1x6 board.  Each board is about 6 feet long.  Not quite done attaching.  Were rushed to get them in before the dodger people arrived.  It is all happening at once as the weather has suddenly improved.  It actually feels like spring this week. .....even if it did snow last week.