I have been spending a lot of time going over the electrical system on paper.  Lots of revisions and fixes.  Starting from almost scratch.  The previous owner had some brand new electrical products (Xantrex 2000), pumps, lights, etc...  Most that would only work on 12 volt, so I am sticking with that.  However, next time around, I would think about the 24 volt.  Save a lot on wires.  Still not 100% sure of all things that are getting connected, but have started with the sure things.  The system will involve a generator, solar panels, shore connection, and the inverter charger at the heart of it all.  What you are looking at here is what will be behind the electrical panel. (more later on that).
The tupperware box in the top right corner is a great idea I read somewhere.  It is a locking container to house all the AC connections to keep them save.  Put a few holes in the sides to get the wires in.

In the bottom right corner is another area that will be covered with a panel with a door that opens.  I have various fuses, the shunt for inverter battery monitor and the solar power connection.  Under the nav seat will be the inverter charger and battery fuses.