The electrical is coming together.  I have mapped out all the electrical on paper.  Now just slowly trying to put it all together so that it is neat.  Right now, few of the wires are fastened to the wall, I will do that as I get more.  The long string of black connectors to the right will be where all the wires from the circuit panel will connect  That way the door can be easily opened and all this will be accessible.  The white with blue tag box is the galvanic isolator.  

I have some giant wires in there.  The really big ones are 4/0 gauge.  The previous owner had 60 feet of it! at $13 a foot.  I am using that for all the major connections between the battery and the inverter/charger.  Big wires dropping down go up to the anchor windless.  The same size, 2/0 gauge, goes off to the engine room for the starters on the generator and the engine.

This is the electrical panel that will go over top.  I am pre-wiring as much as I can before it goes in.  The missing hole is for the Battery on/off/Parallel switch.