Dan, my engine man, has finished his complete overhaul of the engine.  It looks amazing.  He has run it for a few hours in his work shop, tuned it up and made sure everything was working, no leaks, etc....  So far it is running great. Then he flushed everything out and added new liquids to get rid of the 30 years of build up.  Ran cleaning solutions through the coolant system and flushed, new oil (all the pistons were redone).  Lots of work.  And a great paint job.

  Here are some before and after pictures.


Click on the Engine Tab for more engine info.  I will eventually post all work that has been done to the engine there.
Lots of upgrades as per American Diesel.  New coolers and connections.  New alternator, water pumps, belts, all hoses, wires, old crap taken off.  Dan did an amazing job.