The drip pan was finished and a new coat of paint was added to everything.
 Almost looks new.

The old engine mounts were mounted on 3/8 inch aluminum plates on top of the motor mounts.  I wasn't sure if these are going to be needed and they were in serious galvanic bad shape.  So I added Shotgard instead.  Shotgard (aka Bullet board) is an amazing material and I bet more people would use it if they new about it( and could afford it).  I had a large amount that came with my boat.  It is a pre-laid up fiberglass board that is bullet proof.  Often used instead of drywall in banks.  However, it is expensive.  $450.00 for a 4x8 foot sheet.  However, it can stop a .44 !!  Best part, is no galvanic issues, incredibly strong, easy to work with, cuts with all wood tools (slowly), and can be epoxied in place.  Link to more details. 

Engine went in with out any problems.  Crane took only 30 minutes to put both the engine and the generator in.
Crane was over kill for the job, but the cheapest deal I could find.