I finally put a wire on the boat the other day.  The shore power connector.  30 amp service.
The old one was broken plastic. 

Putting in the 120 volt so I can get rid of extension cords.  I found some Plastic electrical boxes that are still to code.  They don't have all the metal sticking out the back!  Just a nice little box.  I decided to use the rings on all the wires so that nothing every comes undone....or is less likely too?

I found these handy plugs on sale.  I got them for the aft state room, one for each side where the kids will be making their homes.  And this one in the main cabin on the Port side.  2 USB connections in each.   Should come in handy.

When I got my boat, the Previous Owner had tried to build a tarp system over the boat using Electrical conduit pipe.  So I have LOTS of it.  So I decided to use it anywhere the wires are going through usable spaces and can't be hidden to make things safer for the 120 volts system.  This is behind the Starboard side settee with the wire going up to the galley plug..