We like ice cream, Smoothies, and margaritas.  So we have been working at making a freezer that will hold ice for a long time.  We debated on how much smaller to make the boxes and followed some of the advise of Don Casey in his book, "This Old Boat".  

I don't know if the previous owner, who had already started rebuilding the boat had done anything to the boxes, but they were not in good shape.  There was only about 1 inch of insulation on the top and about 3 on all the sides.  The freezer had piles of old styrofoam squirted in with no cover, so anything that dripped down got UNDER the foam and just rotted away making a wonderful smell.  So we ripped all that out (Sorry no before pictures for this project).  

1 inch of insulation to the inside sides, front and back. 
2 inches to the bottom of the fridge, 9-2 inches to the bottom of the freezer making it level now.

3 inches added to the top.

Bonus:  I was able to add 2 inches to the Port side of the freezer on the outside.  Which was good, since the old insulation was split down the middle and a direct line to the box.  I also added 1 inch to the starboard side of the fridge in the closet and then covered it up.  The back of the fridge, in the engine room, got 1.5 inches of insulation, 1/2 inch of ply wood, and then sound proofing insulation (more as part of sound proofing, but it will help).

The back of the freezer, above the fuel tank, also got 2 inches of insulation.

Here is how the process looked:

WARNING:  NOTHING in my boxes is Square......Level.....Straight....or Even. And that is before I started.  Now it is worse.  So If you ever take on this project, be prepared for NOTHING working the way you think it will, none of your measurements being right. (Well that, and if you stick your tape measure into expandafoam when it is freshly wet, and the let it wind up.....well....it makes for quite a mess).

Caution:  Murphy law:  When working on any freezer...it will be really hot out!  It was 95+ in the boat when I was working.

Cut new hole got get access to port side.  Will need this area to run lines from compressor later as well.

added foam to the outside.  2 "  but I could add more.  It is a BIG space.

Foamed in boxes, I glued the foam in place, but used low expansion foam in all the joints. (scrap foam to hold things in place)

 Cleaned up the foam
Notice the Wood strips, this is Oak.  It will be to secure the shelf.  In the Freezer, I put them where the evaporator plate and shelves will be.


Then I added FRP panels.  (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) from Home depot.  I did a test run with epoxy work to it.  It MUST be SANDED and CLEANED first.  It has wax on it from the when it is was made and the epoxy will not stick well.  I sanded mine, both sides, and cleaned with acetone before installing.

Fiberglassed all the seams.  Unless you are Mr. Phelps, you will not be able to reach well to the bottom.  Even with 2 inches of new insulation added.  I was upside down for much of this project.  

Thickened epoxy to smooth out as much as possible.  Then I had a brain storm, as I hung up side down trying to sand smooth the corners.  Why do I need nice corners at the bottom anyway???  I will have a shelf, about 1/2 inch up for air flow.  So, I cut some 1/2 inch pieces of my left over bullet board (strong fiberglass board) and worked those in.  I would have saved a lot of time if I had thought of this sooner.

first coat of 2 part epoxy paint.  You can see the lip at the bottom for the shelf to sit on.  The top lip is for the top to sit on.  There will be a double gasket system (Don Casey's idea).  I had one fan blowing at me, and one fan sucking air out of the boat.  Plus I had a first rate VOC blocking respirator on with new filters.  You don't want to be using this paint with your head in the box.  

Can you see the Fridge.. through the Beers?
So, at the end of all this, I plan to keep a few good quality ice cold beers in the fridge.  Anybody who visits, and looks in the fridge and notices (and comments) on the not so straight lines, or the not quite sanded perfectly smooth seems that only my eggs get to look at, will NOT get a beer.

Now to just make the lids, cut the new corian counter tops.......