I installed my fresh water filters, pump, and pressure tank.  The wall to the right has the tow handles that control which tank the water comes from, and if I desire, what tank I can pump back to.  Blue pipes are filtered water, white is non filtered.

I have 2 shark byte fittings, and if I undo those, and the screws holding in the equipment, I can take it all out in one chunk if I need to.

The filters are standard home water filters that you can get at any home hardware type store.  They will have a 5 micron filter and the second will have an activated carbon filter.  This should take out most things.  If we add chlorine to the water, which will kill all the little critters, we will have nice clean water.  The carbon filter will take out the chlorine.

There is a small filter before the pump in case something gets into the tank.