Who would have thought that finding somebody local would be impossible.  I live in the Toronto area and I gave up looking for somebody to build my fuel tanks.  I found places that welded aluminum, but they really didn't have any experience making marine grade fuel tanks.

I finally found a place in New Jersey called Speedy Tanks. I had direct contact with the owner.  They build everything to ABYC and Coast Guard Specs and beyond.  Very nice people.  I get stuck with an extra shipping bill, but they have decent shipping costs and lots of experience shipping to Canada.  Even with the shipping, they were cheaper than anybody else in the Toronto area.  And they definitely know what they are doing.   Of course I haven't gotten the tanks yet, but I am optimistic.
UPDATE: May 31st  
 The Tanks are EXCELLENT.  Exact sizing and the fitting are all superb.  The tanks are coated with an epoxy paint and pressure tested beyond the ABYC and Coast guard specs.  Now all I have to do is put them in, fiberglass, connect, paint, engine, etc...etc...etc....etc...  But is it the first thing going INTO the boat.!!!!!
They had a link to this site, on how to install a tank.  Looks like a good guide:   Tank installation: