We installed Stainless steel hand rails on the top.  Forward and aft instead of the wood on the outside.  Wood is nice to look at....but let me know how you feel when you are sanding, and varnishing.  And if you are me....then cleaning up all your mistakes and doing it again.    The painting on the top of the boat looks strange.  That is because it is awaiting Kiwi grip paint that will be done in May.  Just before we launch the boat.

Because the original hand rails had the inside and outside rails on the same bolt that was then hidden inside the rails, there was no way to ever fix a leak.  We are NOT doing this.  The down side is there are extra holes in the boat.  But if you ever need to take them off and rebed them, it will not be massive job.  Trade offs for everything.  You can see the bolts coming up where the inside railing is attached.  These have not been cut down yet.  

All holes were drilled out, epoxied, and then redrilled!!!

Inside hand rails also installed:

Now I finally have a place to hang my work light.