I am most of the way done installing the new spectra life lines.  19,000 lb breaking strength.  I can do the splices pretty fast now, not too hard to learn and handy to know.  The biggest secret, is that each splice SHORTENS your line by about 3/4 of an inch.  Since the line you are going back through is widened to allow the line to pass inside, it never stretches back to its original length.  The first 2 times I did a spice to finish a line, I though I had lost my marbles.....again.. as I measured my length, even marked the rope in a dry run, then after the spice, nothing fit.  I eventually figured it out.
In this picture, you can't see the splices.  The near end was just tied off in preparation or the mast.  I was not sure how much interaction there would be between the shrouds and the life lines so I didn't want to make it permanent yet.  Not that the mast is up, I will get to that

Our boat has a custom stainless steel stern rail that goes around, almost to the cockpit.  It was put on 30 years ago and still holding up.  We attached an emergency stern anchor. We have a feeling we will need to stop fast.  We have never driven this boat before and knowing we have some sort of break will give us just enough confidence to get in trouble!
Like all boat projects, it didn't work the way I imagined, or in a quick and simple manner.  The stem of the anchor was too long to hang it right side up.  It hit the side rail and stuck out at a terrible angle that would catch docks, lines, etc...  So our solution to was flip it over.  Keeps the weight down low making it easier to release.  Now to just attach the custom stern anchor line holder thingy.