Sorry about the delays in posting.  We have been working so hard to get this project done and on with the trip that I am too tired at night to update.  That, and it is the million little projects that are hard to get excited about when posting.  Like putting on a door catch to keep a door open, or mounting the fire extinguisher.  
Here is a list of things that have happened in the last week or so:
All inside lights are mounted and working.
All fans are mounted and working.
All 120 volt plugs are up and running.
Bottom paint is done.
Name is on the boat.
Lines have been run.
Rig a point.  Waiting to go in the water for the rest.
VHF, Auto pilot, and GPS all connected, tested and working.
Hydraulic fluid added to steering and bled.  Messy....but done.
Winches mounted
Cleats mounted.

Bad things that have happened:

Fore stay was too long.  Only took 4 trips up the mast, then removal of the forestay, and lots of work.  Apparently the way the forestay attaches at the top, along with the roller furling sleeve, changed some how between the new and old rigging.  I didn't bring the old forestay with me so I can't check to see what went wrong, but in the end, I had to cut off part of the roller furling sleeve...but now it works.

The Inverter charger was DEAD.  The first time I ever put 12 volt electricity into it, nothing happened.  I checked fuses, connections, everything.  Went through every list I could find for trouble shooting.  Hooked it directly to a battery to make sure my wiring was correct....called the service centers, etc.. etc...  nothing.  I didn't buy it, came with the boat.  but it was new.  Oh well.  
So we got a new one....better....upgraded....(trying to make my self feel good about the unexpected expense).
The new one puts out a true sine wave.  Haven't installed it yet.

The Fresh water pump blew up (electrically speaking).  First time it had 12 volt power put into it, it died as well.  Fuses blew and funny smells.  Nothing I could do helped.....perhaps made it worse.  it was only a $385 pump.  Like the Xantrex inverter charger, it was new, but never used by us.  Came with the boat.  So no warranty.  It was some sort of adjustable pump speed to maintain constant pressure without use as much electricity.  New one is not as fancy.

The Mizzen boom is too long.
Humm, strange one here.  The mizzen boom hits the new davit system with solar panel.  So either I have to raise the boom, shorten the davits, or shorten the length of the boom, or pull the mizzen forward to change the angle and in doing so lift the boom,.....or some combination of all three.
my boat still has the original rolling boom system. (very annoying), so I am in the process of changing as much of that as possible....for as little as possible.  Not much money left.

Here are some pictures: