I need to keep up with pictures, but I am not always good at it.

Other jobs that are all happening at the same time are:

1.  Just epoxied freezer tops (Corian) to insulated lids and attached pull handles.
2.  Have run almost ever wire I can think of....except Solar Panel wires.  I want to make sure it works first.
3.  Run ever fresh water pipe, connected every sink.
4.  Ran hydraulic lines for hydraulic steering.
5.  Added more insulation to engine room.
6.  Ran wires for engine room (Blower fans, lights, etc...)
7.  More wiring at the never ending Control panel area.
8.  Ran all the wires up to the cockpit controls above the hatch (See post with wood work).
9.  Cleaned up all the parts of the auto pilot.  Epoxied in a new support for ruder feedback controller and a support board for the electronic portion.  Ready to re-install all of it.  I will post pictures when done.
10.  Epoxied in a support for the salt water pump
11.  Got rigging be redone by the Rigging Shoppe in Toronto.
12.  Have Sportech Sails people coming to make the new dodger bimini measurements 
13.  Desperately trying to think of a boat name.
14.  Purchased and measured out the in mast wires.  They are ready to run.  But I need warm weather.  It STICKS, and I mean you skin, when handling an aluminum mast in the freezing cold.

Non boat related, but Trip related:

1. I have posted my house up for rent July 1st for one year.  Anybody interested?
2. Sold my above ground pool (yes it is filled with ice!...later post will make this meaningful)
3. Started selling my furniture that I don't want to pack up.  One bed gone.
3b.  Got the kids selling everything they can think off.  Books, legos, games, etc...  Kids get to keep all the money, so that has inspired them.  They have made almost $100 each so far.
4. Trying to sell the green house I used for storing boat stuff.
5. Hired Andrews Trucking to take the boat to Virginia.
6. Hired a crane to lift up the boat and put it on the moving truck.
7. Trying to sell the cradle
8. Scheduled a marina to keep my boat for 2 weeks while I get the finishing touches on in Virginia before we start the trip. 
9. Figuring out home schooling (Should be easy as I am a high school teacher and wife is a University Prof).
10. Trying to stay as normal as possible. (which for me is not very normal).
11.  Got the kids U.S. Passports (i'm American, wife is Canadian)
12.  Looking into forwarding mail
13.  Looking into WIFI, Cell phones, SSB etc...
14.  Keep up this website.
15.  Started planning the going away/birthday party.  Kids both have birthdays in June, just before we go.  So we might make one big even.
And all the other normal stuff that comes with kids, like soccer, guitar, badmitton, birthdays, etc...
But that is all really that is happening here.  Most nights are pretty calm.......haha