We are now ready to splash, just waiting for the boat survey to get to the insurance people so we can have insurance before we go (yes...paranoid).

Here are some neat things we have done:

Cleaned the plastic windows...amazing difference!!!!  I thought we would need to replace, but this stuff polished it right up.  The kids did the work:  Sahara did half of this window so we could take the picture, product is in the picture too.

We took out the wooden mast cover when we were rebuilding.  That wood got used to make the table cabinet that the table folds up onto.  Our mast is old and scratched up, had old holes from wires, etc...  So I made a cover.  First covered the mast in a closed cell yoga mat from walmart.  Then put on the material cover.  It velcros in the back.  It now offers some small amount of padding if you smack it, the foam helps with sound proofing, and it looks good.  Kids were going for the serious look....Devon couldn't keep it and started smiling.  You can see the cabinet next to the mast.

Aft Cabin is now all together and the kids have been loading up their stuff.  They put on their custom mattress covers as well as their bamboo sheets.  We will put up the divider tomorrow for them.  

 We hooked up the TV.  Another Walmart special.  If it dies and we have to buy 3 more....it is still less expensive than a "marinized" tv.  The sound comes out the stereo speakers of course.  
(yes, that is Jack Sparrow on the TV)