The old hatches have been completely redone.  The old windows had lost their luster after 30 years.  New Lewmar hatches with hydraulic locking positions. 

 The inside of the hull had to be modified slightly to fit the new windows, but more importantly, I wanted to get rid of the old wooden frame around the window.  I took off the old wood, all the old caulk and part of the hull with it.  Then build up fiberglass to make the inside of the hull flat so I could mount new Lewmar screens.  I did not like the wooden screens that would latch in with a turn buckle style system.  The new screens have a sun shade from one direction and a bug screen from the other.  Magnetic strip in the middle to hold them where you want them.  If a sudden rain hits, it takes seconds to open the screen and shut the hatch.  No more fiddling around with screens and mechanisms that held up the hatch.
Here is what I started with:
Step One: Remove old wood, cut and shape to fit new window (Done Well by Previous Owner)

Step 2:  I made a wooden cutout for size and squished in A  LOT of thickened epoxy. A mix of thickeners. (Main Hatch)

Step 3.  Keep layering up epoxy to fill out the shape.  Key is to keep it flat so the screen has a good level surface to attach to.  You don't want any curve to it. (Galley Hatch)


Step 4.  Paint it with a 2 part epoxy paint to seal it all (You don't have to, but I had the materials so I did)

Step 4.  Paint the rest of the inside of the hull:

Step 5:

Attach the Screens.  I have done a dry run, but because the boat is such a work in progress, I have not permanently installed them.  I will wait until all painting and varnishing is done.
Here is a stock picture of the screens.  It shows the screens with both the 2 different blinds pulled and sealed in the middle.  One bug screen and one sun screen.  Looks amazing when it is in.