For the first time in 5 years,  Northern Phoenix has her masts up.  Not adjusted yet, a little issue with the forestay being too long (all rigging is new).  But we wanted to get the picture posted.  The crane operator new I used to do tree work and was not afraid to hoist me up with the crane.  That helped save a lot of time and cranking to get me up there.   Got the triadic stay attached, WiFi antenna, VHF, Anchor light, tri colour light, and got a great view at the same time.  Thanks to my Dad and Chris who came out to help.  If you are on the Northern neck Call "Self Crane" service in Lively.  He has amazing control and set things down exactly where we needed them.  Enough experience doing Masts to know what needed to get done.  Thanks.
Now it is starting to look like a sailboat.