We have been re applying all the parts to the mast.  All the wire rigging is new, as well as most of the halyards.  The spinnaker halyard is a newer rope, but not a brand new line.  I didn't think I would be running the spinnaker very much.  All the halyards are run inside the mast, a first for me.  All my previous boats were smaller and did not need internal halyards.

At the top of the mast are 4 things we had to hook up.
1.  VHF antenna (doubles as the regular radio antenna as well )
2.  WIFI antenna
3.  Mast head light combo.  Red/Green/White running light and the all around white anchor light.
4.  The wind speed instrument.

The mast head was welded onto the mast some time ago, which made getting wires into the mast a real pain.  My brother and I spent a few evenings getting the NEW wires run in the mast.  We couldn't use the old conduit, it was too small and soo far in the mast we couldn't even reach it.  So we ran a new conduit, 1 1/4 inch electrical conduit.    It holds all the wires with a bit of room to spare.  The wires that come into the middle of the mast for the spreader lights and the front steaming light were very difficult to wire.  We tried multiple times to get the wires into the conduit, but eventually gave up.  Didn't seem like anything we did worked.  The steaming light, we don't really need, but I hooked up any way because I like the way it can light up the for sail at night.


 The old wires came out just below the deck.  I am getting rid of the box that went around the mast, so I now have the wires run to the bottom of the mast, below the floor boards.