I have finally turned a corner.  My boat is officially naked.  Nothing on it left to take off.  Officially a major over-haul.

I have pressure washed the inside, getting out 30 years of grime, grease, and more than afew scary hairballs.
1.  Not a single wire on the boat.
2.  No hose/pipe (only some temp drain hoses) (exhaust hose is still there, too much trouble to take it out).
3.  No electronics.
4.  Most wood is unscrewed and removed.
5.  No deck hardware of any kind.  Holes have all been epoxied in, waiting to be re-drilled.
6.  All diesel fuel has been taken out.
7.  Water tanks completely dry.
8.  Temp Floor boards in for rebuilding time.
9.  New windows are in to keep water out of the boat.
10.  Only possible things still to come off are some copper pipe used for vent lines and hydraulic lines.  I haven't decided yet on what to do with those.

I have started reconstruction finally.  Feels good to actually create something instead of just taking apart. 
Now the fun begins.

Here are some pictures, of the naked Whitby. (Trying to expand my hits on google)