Just before we left Canada to make the journey, I installed the new Anchor Bow roller.  I forgot to post the info.  I was looking at Gerry's "Incredible Hull" website and was reminded.

Stainless Steel outfitters in Barrie Ontario did the work (as well as all the stainless steel work on the boat over the last 30 years)....funny story there about how small the world is.

They took the anchors and designed the roller to give us clearance underneath and well as allowing the 2 anchors to sit side by side.  The trick was to off set the anchors and not put the exactly side by side.  The Rocna 25 will be the main anchor and the other is a 65 lb CQR.  It is made out of 11/4 thick walled stainless steal.  I forget the exact figures on the tubes, just that they were thicker......and more expensive....than normal.

There is also a support bar under the roller to help with the strain when the anchor is under load. (no picture of that yet....I need to take another picture)

Like all projects....it didn't fit the first time, it was hard to reach to tighten, bolts had to be changed, it was not easy....it is never easy.....if I wanted easy, I would have gotten a motor boat. (haha)

One great benefit I had not thought about, is that the anchors are almost entirely off the foredeck.  I know my kids will be sitting up on the hand rails, and hanging out at the front a lot. (to get away from me).