The battery situation has finally been resolved.  We calculated our estimated needs......based on experiences we have never had, with equipment we have never used before, on a boat we have never been on, in a situation we have never experienced.

Ok, so we really don't have much to go on.  But in the end, we found our selves between 4 6 volt golf cart batteries for a total of about 400-440 amp hours depending on how much we spend on batteries, to six batteries for a total of 600-680 amp hours.  We estimate we will need about 200 amp hours a day.  If we got 4 expensive batteries, for a total of 440 amp hours, that could work.  Keeping us above 1/2 drain, and not needing to completely top all the way up.  However if our super exacting calculations, based on mostly unknowns if off, we would need more.  So getting 6 slightly cheaper batteries isn't a huge difference, but gives us a good cushion. It will allow us to leave the boat a bit longer and not worry so much.

So 6 batteries means another battery box.  Devon and I made this one.  Looks horrible on the inside.  We fiber glassed the inside of the box, but first we filleted the corners with a pre-thickened fiberglass......WHICH WAS GREEN!!!  Didn't know that.  So the black/green coloring is from the filleting of the corners.  We will paint it tomorrow with epoxy paint and hopefully it will never be scene again.  

This one holds 2 batteries.  The other holds 4.  It will close getting these all below the steps/galley area.  Along with the hot water tank.  I'll take a picture when it is all in. It should fit.  I have measured 10 times.....which isn't a guarantee.