Thanks Mom!
In between soccer, football, hockey, and all those other things, you taught me some sewing.  It is paying off big time.
These are the new main cabin cushions.  The material is a soft felt like material that is very durable.  It passed the 9,000 double rub test (what ever that means).  It is an upholstery polyester material that is machine washable.  
The back is also a polyester material that will not mind getting wet.  There is a VELCRO slot on the back. I have never had a boat that had a zipper that wasn't rusted shut/open/ or just a mess. So I go Velcro.  NO metal zippers.  


The tan material is a single piece cut to wrap around the sides and 1/2 inch under the bottom so the dark blue material is never seen.  (dark blue material was on sale for $4 a yard, Tan material was $15 a yard.)