We cut and finished the new counter tops.  Almost done.  Need to attach the railing.  

Found a business going out of business and were selling off all their counter tops.  Our are not the Corian brand, but same material. (I just call them Corian because I can't remember the other name.  And I was afraid of the police showing up at any moment when I was buying the stuff so I just payed and got out of there.  A bit of a shady deal going on...I think.).   I cut it with all wood working tools.  Table saw, router, random orbital sander, drill,  etc...  It goes slower than wood, but cuts just fine.  I used west system epoxy for bonding joints.  I mixed sawdust from the cuttings to thicken the epoxy and give it a colour that closer matched the material.  All in all, it is hard to see any joints unless you look.  Some disappeared!  Surfaces that needed sanding were done with 220 power sanding to remove excess epoxy, then wet/hand sanded 400, then 600, then buffed with car buffing material, fine grit.  Brought back all the gloss like new.

Hardest part for my skill, was cutting out the sink and counter top hatch.  I wanted to keep the piece cut out as tight as possible.  There is evidence of where I started the holes with a drill bit, but it cuts slow enough that you can usually follow the line.  Patience is key.

First picture is the original look of the kitchen.  Notice the bulkhead between the galley and main cabin.

Shows new shelf (made by previous owner in between original owner and me).  Also in the back ground you can see the port cabin wood is all in.
With the sink lids off.  Notice double sink!!  And the sinks are one with the counter top.  If water gets between the sink and the corian....even after I caulk in the crack...it will not matter.  I got the double sink for $25 used.  Then sanded with 2,000 grit.!! 

This is actually 4 pieces.  One long one down the front and 3 fingers sticking out.  All epoxied onto a 1/2 inch plywood cut out.  The entire thing was then glued down onto the counter.  Couldn't screw it in, unless you went through the 4 inches of foam I put in the lid.  There is foam all the way down to the the lip you see in the freezer and fridge.

Now I just have to attach the railings (Waiting for all glue to set first), and attache the tops to the actual freezer door tops.