I installed new guages.  The old ones were not looking good on the back.  The electrical connections were suspect and instead of waiting untill I got the boat in the water and running, I just went ahead and changed out the gauges. The old wire was not marine gauge tinned wire either.  They probably all worked fine, but now they also look pretty.  I have a new tach that is set to zero for the engine rebuild.  I think the engine had about 5,000 hours on it.  

I had planned on using the old gear shift/ throttle, but when I went to install it, important pieces were missing.  I think they may still be in Canada....or lost a long time ago.  So new controller was the only option.

As per American Diesel, I put in a 2 prong key switch.  Off, and ON.  That then energizes a Button for On, the Gauges, fuel pump, alarms etc...  There is an Off button, but I have a problem installing the electronic control arm so that will have to wait.  For the mean time, I re-installed the hard to fail pull cable. 
Here is the before after:

  Most of the wiring.  Still need to put in some switches that are on order for the compass light, the blower fans, and the mizzen mast light that shines down on the cockpit.