New double sink.  $190 new......$25 used.  How used can a stainless steal sink be?

It will be mounted on top of the wood, another piece of 1/4 in wood goes on top of this, but AROUND the sink.  The wink sticks up 1/4 inch.  Then the Corian Counter tops will be cut so no wood shows.  That happens in 2 weeks when Paul gets back from vacation.  

The same corian will be on top of the freezer/fridge, so I am trying to get the lids done.

I love your books and I read them ever night, morning, and during my projects.  If I have another child I may name him "Doncasey".  You make it look so easy....and it would be if I followed your directions exactly.  But I always have to fudge them just a little because it is never exactly like yours....and I pay....oh how I pay.

And how are you suppose to get the super tight lids out after you epoxy them in place?????  I got the fridge because of the front door.  but the Freezer....that was another story.

I had so much epoxy, because I can't cut straight, that the plastic wrap melted....and was not pretty.

It has been corrected and the project has moved forward.