I finally got the OK from the doctor to not wear my sling and I can start doing more boat work, although slowly for the next month.  I have been spending hours and hours looking up and ordering parts that I will eventually need.  I found a local person to build me a new Aluminum fuel tank once I get the old on out, a somewhat local fabric supplier, to redo the main salon cushions, and lots of little bits and pieces.  I found a place that would sell me a full sheet of Teak vaneer plywood for only 1,200$. I passed on that one.

I have all the wood taken apart and Tara sanded most of it, now its ready to start putting new varnish on.  Just need warmer weather for that.  There is still wood in the boat that also needs to be sanded.  It seems to go on for ever.

I picked up my alternator and start motors.  1 rebuild of each, and 1 new.

I found a really cool product, Aerogels, ( http://www.aerogel.org/ ) the lowest density material there is for insulation.  R value or 30 for 1 inch.  However, it would cost THOUSANDS to do my ice box.  Instead, for $50, I will just use insulation from the hardware store.  The freezer/Ice box will be a bit smaller, but it was too big anyway.  Just have to eat more fresh Seafood.
I discovered you can buy all stainless steel chain for your anchor for only $5,000.  Passed on that too.  Only because it is not as strong as regular steel.........

For fun, I took apart the rusted engine blower fan.  $172 at West Marine.  It worked, so I sanded all the rust off, painted, cleaned and put back together.  Still works..... for now. (as usual, I forgot the before picture)

I have also been looking up Sound insulation.  I have 3 rolls of it that came with the boat, brand new in packages.  It will not be enough, so I was looking to see what was the best way to insulate the engine room.  I really want as quiet a boat as I can get.  Also, with known Motoring days ahead going down the ICW, it will be nice for everyone.

My new Frigoboat fridge system arrived......and so did a blizzard.  I guess that is a good sign...?
Looking into prop locks, vs. New propeller, or prop brakes......??? 

In two weeks, March break for the school, I will be sanding, grinding, cutting, and working like crazy on the inside of the boat.   Trying to get all the prep work done for painting bilges, varnishing, and Cutting out the dreaded centre fuel tank.

Below is a picture of how they installed the 120 gallon fuel tank.....they did it first.  Then expanda foamed it in.  I have heard it is very rewarding once it comes out........ See picture below.

  I had an Algea X magnetic fuel vodoo machine.  But I found a great use for it!!!!

 Nice magnet!