I know I don't post very often, and then a bunch at a time.  And I still don't show everything that is happening.  But I am trying. 

Some things I have been working on that are not show:
The Water Tanks.

I have had some good advise from respected Whitby 42 owners on the water tanks.  A known issue.  I am going to try a combination of ideas that do not involve serious alteration to the boat.  I have inspected my gasket ? Caulk stuff that holds the tanks in place and in the end, I have decided that it is better than I thought (a rare event in this en devour). Only one area is bad, and that is under the gally sink.  So I am going to scrape out all the bad caulk that is not doing anything anymore, sand everything (Aluminum, old caulk, fiberglass lip) and use Silkaflex 291 to cover and smother it all.  It is rated for incidental food contact.  Which I believe this is.  

 I have also ordered food grade gasket material for all the lids to be replaced.

I have priced out aluminum to make a new top for the V birth water tank.  Somebody cut a giant hole in mine to use it for storage.  There once was a water maker on the boat, so they didn't need to hold so much water.  So the hole is now 16X 16.  So I need a piece of aluminum that is 18x18.  Plus some to cut new baffles for the port water tank, which doesn't have any ????  why I don't know.

I contacted West System about using epoxy in potable drinking water.  I got a very Cover my Ass answer. "You could do it this way...but we would not recommend it...even though it would work.  You have to change the ratio of the epoxy to insure a cure.  I have some cracks in the gell coat on the inside of the water tanks.

Holding Tank.

I have ordered a waste holding tank that will hold 53+ gallons.  A unique design that my daughter and I made.  You can see the template of it under the seacocks in the seacocks posting below.  However, that is only part of it.  
When it arrives and I can make it work, then I will post pictures and the schematics.

Aft Propane lockers.  Have been sanded, cleaned, and painted with 2 part epoxy paint.

Spending money
 I have been buying all the water pumps, fittings, hoses, etc... to do the water system.

  Water strainers, expansion tanks, washdown pump, etc.. etc.. $  $  $
  I think I might get "Shopper of the month" at my local West Marine store.

  Can I put my wash down pump intake and my Generator (5Kw) on the same intake...after a large strainer?
  Where am I going to mount my Tank Tender??  I ordered all the new parts, just need to install.

  Where should I mount the hot water tank?  I have NO idea where it originally was (Well a vague idea).
  Do I need a shaft lock?  I have the original hydraulic transmission and engine.
        Where and how do I install them?
  Do I need a new Cutlass bearing?
  Do I need a new Shaft seal?  Drippless?
  What should I use as a mizzen mast support down in the bilge area?
  How many times have I walked up the 14 steps to the boat.  I counted on one day I did 28.  28 Floors.  At least I get a work out.