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Mast Up!

July 30, 2013
For the first time in 5 years,  Northern Phoenix has her masts up.  Not adjusted yet, a little issue with the forestay being too long (all rigging is new).  But we wanted to get the picture posted.  The crane operator new I used to do tree work and was not afraid to hoist me up with the crane.  That helped save a lot of time and cranking to get me up there.   Got the triadic stay attached, WiFi antenna, VHF, Anchor light, tri colour light, and got a great view at the same time.  Thanks to my Dad and Chris who came out to help.  If you are on the Northern neck Call "Self Crane" service in Lively.  He has amazing control and set things down exactly where we needed them.  Enough experience doing Masts to know what needed to get done.  Thanks.
Now it is starting to look like a sailboat. 


July 30, 2013
We hooked up the solar panel.  First we had to get the davits completely attached.  The batteries are also hooked up (no picture yet).  We have 6 trojan 225 batteries. (6 volts).  All the 12 volt power seems to be working.


New Anchor Roller

July 22, 2013
Just before we left Canada to make the journey, I installed the new Anchor Bow roller.  I forgot to post the info.  I was looking at Gerry's "Incredible Hull" website and was reminded.

Stainless Steel outfitters in Barrie Ontario did the work (as well as all the stainless steel work on the boat over the last 30 years)....funny story there about how small the world is.

They took the anchors and designed the roller to give us clearance underneath and well as allowing the 2 anchors to sit side by side.  The trick was to off set the anchors and not put the exactly side by side.  The Rocna 25 will be the main anchor and the other is a 65 lb CQR.  It is made out of 11/4 thick walled stainless steal.  I forget the exact figures on the tubes, just that they were thicker......and more expensive....than normal.

There is also a support bar under the roller to help with the strain when the anchor is under load. (no picture of that yet....I need to take another picture)

Like all didn't fit the first time, it was hard to reach to tighten, bolts had to be changed, it was not is never easy.....if I wanted easy, I would have gotten a motor boat. (haha)

One great benefit I had not thought about, is that the anchors are almost entirely off the foredeck.  I know my kids will be sitting up on the hand rails, and hanging out at the front a lot. (to get away from me).


"C" is for Cookie that is good enough for me.

July 22, 2013
We purchased a SOS (Solar Oven Society) solar oven.  And of course had to try it out making cookies.  They were very good.  In the picture is a chocolate chip/peanutbutter chip cookie.  rolled out as one big cookie.  The temp in the picture is 280 degrees F.  We built our own solar oven a few years ago and it worked great.  But it was too big, heavy, and clumsy to take with us.  This has a plastic exterior and a special double layer plastic top.  The mirrors are alluminum and are not needed unless it is early morning/evening, or winter.  
The food cooks well, but does not get that browning affect. Browning reaction from the carmalization of sugar at about 325 degrees. (I teach a cooking course as well as science......not that different really).

The best thing we cooked, besides the breads, cakes, cookies, and chicken were the RIBS.  We would put on a dry rub and cooked them for 10 hours.  Temp was usually around 220-250.  This was in Canada in the winter!!!  Then we would put them on the BBQ for 2-4 minutes to finish them off with a little BBQ sauce.  Just amazing.  Cooking in their own juices.  They would just fall apart.  Unfortunately I never took a picture of the home made one.  It was when we were in between cameras.

This Friday we are cooking go along with some fresh steamed blue crabs and some fresh sweet corn on the cob.   nice messy meal to be eaten out on the dock over looking the Chesapeake bay.  What life is all about.

Here is the new one with the cookies..

Dinghy Mobile !

July 22, 2013
We have been transforming a 12 feet aluminum dinghy into the "Dingy Mobile".  It is rated for 660lbs and a 15hp motor.  Unfortunately, my kids are growing toooooo fast and it may not be big enough for all of us.  Both kids, although just 13 and 11, are over 125 lbs each.  Devon, just turned 11, is wearing size 10.5 - 11 size shoes!!!!  We haven't test run it yet with the 10 hp motor.
Things we have done to it:
1.  Attached an old fire hose around the rim.  Fender protection.
2.  Attached cleats to the front for lines.
3.  Fishing pole (or net) holders on the stern.
4.  Attached a quick release boat hook.
5.  Got oars.
6.  Added another piece of wood to the sturn for the engine support (sorry Mark, I ripped yours off).
7.  Added seat cushions.  Some old camping sleeping pads wrapped with marine sumbrella imitation fabric with snaps.
It keeps the heat down and because the sleeping pads were closed cell foam, water is not an issue.
8.  We got a fish finder,(not installed yet).
9.  A new plug/Anchor and line.


Sail Check

July 22, 2013
We checked over the sails to determine which ones to rig up and which ones to leave behind.  We have 2 mains, 2 roller reefing jibs and 1 mizzen.  All are in pretty good shape, given what my old boat had.  The boat has not been sailed much int he last 15 years.  The last 5 years it has been on land with the refit.  Before that it was on the hard for a few years, and before that it was used as a "cottage at the dock" and not sailed.  So although the sails may be 15 years old, they have hardly been used.  And they feel "Crunchy" as my son said.
Tara in the middle making observations of the Genny.   Sahara is back in the shadow. 

Mast Work

July 22, 2013
We have been re applying all the parts to the mast.  All the wire rigging is new, as well as most of the halyards.  The spinnaker halyard is a newer rope, but not a brand new line.  I didn't think I would be running the spinnaker very much.  All the halyards are run inside the mast, a first for me.  All my previous boats were smaller and did not need internal halyards.

At the top of the mast are 4 things we had to hook up.
1.  VHF antenna (doubles as the regular radio antenna as well )
2.  WIFI antenna
3.  Mast head light combo.  Red/Green/White running light and the all around white anchor light.
4.  The wind speed instrument.

The mast head was welded onto the mast some time ago, which made getting wires into the mast a real pain.  My brother and I spent a few evenings getting the NEW wires run in the mast.  We couldn't use the old conduit, it was too small and soo far in the mast we couldn't even reach it.  So we ran a new conduit, 1 1/4 inch electrical conduit.    It holds all the wires with a bit of room to spare.  The wires that come into the middle of the mast for the spreader lights and the front steaming light were very difficult to wire.  We tried multiple times to get the wires into the conduit, but eventually gave up.  Didn't seem like anything we did worked.  The steaming light, we don't really need, but I hooked up any way because I like the way it can light up the for sail at night.


 The old wires came out just below the deck.  I am getting rid of the box that went around the mast, so I now have the wires run to the bottom of the mast, below the floor boards.

New Gauges and instruments

July 18, 2013
I installed new guages.  The old ones were not looking good on the back.  The electrical connections were suspect and instead of waiting untill I got the boat in the water and running, I just went ahead and changed out the gauges. The old wire was not marine gauge tinned wire either.  They probably all worked fine, but now they also look pretty.  I have a new tach that is set to zero for the engine rebuild.  I think the engine had about 5,000 hours on it.  

I had planned on using the old gear shift/ throttle, but when I went to install it, important pieces were missing.  I think they may still be in Canada....or lost a long time ago.  So new controller was the only option.

As per American Diesel, I put in a 2 prong key switch.  Off, and ON.  That then energizes a Button for On, the Gauges, fuel pump, alarms etc...  There is an Off button, but I have a problem installing the electronic control arm so that will have to wait.  For the mean time, I re-installed the hard to fail pull cable. 
Here is the before after:

  Most of the wiring.  Still need to put in some switches that are on order for the compass light, the blower fans, and the mizzen mast light that shines down on the cockpit.

Big Changes

July 17, 2013
Sorry for the delay in posts.  The last 30 days has been the most busy in my life.  Here is a list of things that have happened, that prevented me from updating.  I will be putting a bunch of updates soon, that show all the work that has happened:

1.  End of june is always busy for High school teachers.  Exams, grades, clean up, etc..
2.  Both my kids birthdays.
3.  Last minute attachments to the boat for transport.
4.  packed as much as posstlbe into the boat for transport to Port Kinsale Marina Virginia
5.  Then had to pack up my entire house to MOVE OUT.
6.  Did all the repairs to my house for the know...that hole in the dry wall that has been there for years....the electrical plug that doesn't work but you ignore it....painting that horible wall the kids have put 1000 pictures on.... etc...
7.  Packed everything down stairs into a basement room...that had to get upgraded to prevent mold.
8.  Many dump runs.
9.  Sold as much old furniture as possible.  Love the internet for that.
10.  Sold our car, deal done Friday night....we left Sunday.
11.  Finalized the rental agreement, etc....
12.  Way over packed the car, took the trailer, put on the Kayaks, bottomed out the suspension (I think).
13.  Set up somebody to mow the lawn
14.  Got the Cat taken to the vet for shots
15.  Kids last soccer games.

This all happnend from June 18th to July 1st.

Then we had a new list of things to get done, all during a nice heat wave.
1.  get new banking accounts in US dollars so the exchange doesn't kill us.
2.  got all the stuff out of the boat so we could work on it.  It only gets up to about 108 at about 1:00 in the afternoon.
3.  Got the kids looked after by grandparents.

on the boat we have
Put the dodger/bimini back on
connected all the wires to the engine
installed the new instrument panel
put all the rigging back on the mast
put all the running rigging on the mast
new wire conduit(i really hate that job)
found all the pieces that were packed away on the boat in random places.
We have set up a marine inspector now and a crane.  the mast should be up soon.  Once we get the marine inspection, we will splash in.  (after a long careful once over of everything on the boat)

I will post more soon



June 18, 2013
We have a name!!!!  Our Registration came back:

Say Hello to:

Art work by Sahara, Grade 7
We have ordered hats and shirts with the logo on them.
And perhaps a flag. 


Bryan Haas

Please feel free to contact me! I grew up on the waters of the Chesapeake sailing and fishing. I was paid to work, sail, race, and sometimes live on a 51' Hinkley (they didn't really need to pay me but they offered!). I am a high school science teacher who likes to learn by doing. Used to teach at "The Sound School" in New Haven Ct. Check it out, the most amazing on- the- water school there is. I have rebuilt smaller boats from scratch, but nothing on this scale. This is an adventure. All help is greatly appreciated.

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