We painted the Hull.  Or tried too.  We had a good weather window so we went for it.   We got scaffolding around the boat (A life safer, worth every single penny!!!  I would have payed double, it made life so much easier)  We narrowed our choice down to Interlux Perfections and Awlgrip.  Both faired very well in the Practical Sailor reviews.  Awlgrip has a better name to it but it cost a lot more.  Knowing that we are no where near professional painters.....and most of the time barely get to the "Average" rating, we went with the cheaper paint.....but still $80 per quart!.  So not really what I would call cheap.

The boat had the hull fixed up by the previous owner and then primed with an epoxy primmer spray, except the stern. 
Pictures of work by previous owner:  He did a great job!! 
Here it is all primed and ready to go.

I put the primer coat on the stern after sanding and fairing and filling holes.  The hole is for the exhaust, and the divit on the right is a marker where I later drilled a hole for the Gen exhaust.:

Step 1.  Sand the primer with 220 and a sander.
STep 2.  Hand sand the primer with 320 or 400, which ever one I happen to grab (I can't remember.)

Step 3.  Wash down boat and all the sanding dust.
Step 4.  Paint with expensive paint, expensive rollers, and tip right away with expensive brush.
Step 5.  Hand wet sand with 320, wipe down, repeat Step 4.
Step 6  Go back and touch up mistakes a day later.

Part 2. 
Step 1. Remove all the tape, re-tape for the blue stripes.

Step 2. Sand any drips that fell the stripes.
Step 3.  Paint. (kids painted the blue stripes, except for a small portion at the front that was too high).
Step 4.  Wet sand stripes, wipe down,
Step 5.  Paint again.
Step 6.  Remove tape.
 Step 7.  Say bad words when you realize the paint went under the tape and clean up all that mess.

Part 3.
Apply 3 tubes of boat life caulk between the cap-rail and the hull, just above the blue paint.  
Then clean up all the caulk you accidentally got on the nice new paint.
Touch up blue paint.

Swear to never paint again!
But at least it is done.

I call it the 5 foot paint job.  At 5 feet, it looks GREAT!

The ladder was moved to the bow.  It made it VERY easy to paint at the front.  It was hard to get the scaffolding under and still be able to reach everywhere.  
What looks like marks on the boat......are actually reflections!!!  cool. 
A single picture.....so show hours and hours of work.