It always seems like it will only take a few minutes to make the connections.  But then, you have to make a hole bigger, or move a different pipe to get to the first pipe.  Or perhaps the engine exhaust is in the way, or the sound insulation, etc....

My dad came up and helped me a great deal getting the fresh water all finished.  Only the outside shower is left, just waiting for warm weather to do that.

New faucets in the heads, and the kitchen sink.  All the sinks are used, but polished up.  The double sink for the kitchen was a used sink from an RV.  All pex pipe is run.  There are shut offs for everything under the stove area.
The faucet does not have the final neck on yet.

The two head sinks:
Plumbing under the aft sink ran into the engine exhaust.  I found a sink drain extender that is all metal, that goes down past the exhaust.  It is hard to tell perspective in the picture.  I can put 1 finger between the exhaust insulation and the pipe, the exhaust to the right is farther away, but you can not tell from the picture.
 The cockpit drain is just hanging there.  It  It was in the way when doing the other plumbing.  It will get pulled up and I will attach  the pex to the drain hose to keep them together.

Plumbing manifold under stove: