April 2, 2011.  Purchases hull #120.  A Whitby 42.  Quick history of the boat:
First owner had the boat for most of its life.  It has been to Europe and back twice.  Originally called Slow Poke.
Then it was used as a floating house boat for 6-10 years.  Little maintenance and well used.  I bought if from somebody who was going to fix it up and sail it around the world.  After one year of working on the boat, he had to sell it and I picked it up.  The boat is mostly gutted, engine is out, not a single wire in the boat, not a single electronic piece of equipment, not pipes, etc....  I have taken out most things that are only screwed down.  Some things on the boat have been redone.  New counter tops in the galley and a new nav station have already been built, varnished and look good.  He was doing great work, I hope I can continue the work.