All the seacocks have been fixed up and are going back on the boat.  New 1/2 inch solid fiberglass backing boards were made and epoxied into place, replacing the wood.  The seacocks were all lapped and cleaned.  I used a bronze brush wheel to clean up the treads to make things easier to put things back together.  A Dremel with a bronze brush was used for the female threads.  I also got rid of all the old caulk on the bottom, making them shiny.  Now I know that bronze will turn green and that is a good thing, but I got carried away with that shiny look and made a bit more shiny.  The seacocks had so much grease, oil, rust, and unknown gunk on them that every time I touched them my hands came away black and greasy.  After the brushing and lapping, they all got a good bath to get rid of the lapping compound, then wiped down, and reassembled.  Now to install.  I haven't greased them yet.

I debated putting in a seachest, however in the end, I decided, since all the seacocks are in good working order, to just reinstall.  I had some great helpers.  They were good at keeping all the pieces together and not mixing them around.
 Then I put them back in.
Before                             After
                                                                           (Different angle)  

  Just the new backing plates with a coat of bilge coat paint.



  Moved seacock (not caulked in yet, just dry fitted)