I reattached the auto pilot and steering cables.  The boat is Hydraulic steering.  I have read all the arguments about hydraulic vs. cable.  I final decided that I have been driving a car with hydraulic steering for 24 years.  Can't be too hard.  I have the extended rudder to fight against the weather helm.  I understand how to trim a mizzen mast.  I have sailed double masted sailboats WITHOUT a rudder....just not this big.  And most importantly, it was cheaper to re-install than to change. (all the other arguments were really for nothing after looking at the price and amount of work). 
Here is the before:
You will notice that the rudder feedback, on the left hand side, was hanging by some sort of 2x4 construction that was screwed on with regular screws.  It ripped out when I was holding it and sneezed (well, not really but close).
The white round thing.......know idea.  I think it may have been attached to some sort of wind steering system that used to be with the boat but is now gone.  I took it all out and took a piece of bullet board and fiberglassed it in at the exact precise angle. give or take a few degrees.  This was the entire reason for the boards before. The board needed to be at a right angle to the rudder post.   Much neater now.  The new yellow looking board is just a piece of plain plywood that has been varnished to support the autopilot.  All lines for my steering are now flex lines rated for thousands of lbs of pressure.  The system only uses a few hundreds.  I ripped out all the copper lines that were great big green blobs after 30 years.