With the help of Geoff and Henry, we three football coaches were able to get the swim platform on.

I still need to attach a few bolts but it came out great.  Not a great picture, I will update later.

Discovery:  Dry erase pens are great for writing on the hull of a boat.  Comes right off when you want it too, but great for making nice marks you can read.  There are 2 points on the swim platform that the davits will eventually attach too.  That should happen soon.  The stern rail is now up on the boat, but not bolted down.  I need to get that done before the davits are finished.  The stern rail is a custom altered rail that is extended forward.  I also had a gate put in the back for the swim ladder.  Will update all the pictures after the davits are on.

(platform is still wrapped in plastic)