The new tanks are now secured in place and waiting to be hooked up.  Here is how it happened:

Neoprene pads were put on with 5200.  Care was given to make sure there was complete coverage so that no water could sit between the pads and the tank.  This was done along the bottom and the sides of the tanks.
Then using 5200 and solid fiberglass board, spacers were put

Between the hull and the tanks.  The idea is to leave adequate air space around the tank so water never sits against the tank.


The 3/8" aluminum bands were secured across the tops of the tanks and screwed into solid fiberglass boards that were epoxied to the hull to give move depth for the screws to grip.  5200 was also used between the aluminum bands and the tanks to keep water from being trapped between the tank and the bands.

Over the forward tank I made a fiberglass board with my kids to cover the tank.  There are 2 inches between the board and the tank.  It is mainly to keep debris from falling in next to the tank.  If something were to fall in, it would be there forever.  And having a piece of metal falling in and getting stuck up against the tank would corrode a quick hole through the tank.  It will also keep water off the tank.


Drip pan back in place.  When I was taking out the drip pan in the beginning, I had not planned on removing the tanks, so I had cut out small pieces to get to the tanks for inspection, so I had to put all the pieces back together.  Oh the time I could save if I did it all over again....... 
Now I just need to paint.  Engine goes in on June 27th!!!  The crane has been scheduled.

Hopefully by then, the 5200 that is in my hair, on my neck, legs, arms, etc..... will have washed off.  I am afraid to scrub the stuff off my head as it might take more hair with it.  I can't afford to lose to much more.