Lucky for us, we have a nice little green house on the side of the house, south facing.  It is an unheated green house I built a few years ago out of old sliding glass doors.  Works great for starting plants for the garden......and for painting and varnishing.  Don't have to worry about rain and smell.  It can get up to 130 degrees on a sunny day with the door OPEN.
So once you get all your paint or varnish on, you can bake it!  We have been painting small things as fast as we can so they are ready to go back on the boat.  There are 3 shelves (2 can be seen in the picture).  And most of the drawers.  We had an extra gallon of epoxy paint, very light blue, so we painted the inside of all the drawers.  They look great and will be easy to clean.  The kids repaired all the drawers with epoxy to make them stronger.  Now just need to finish the fronts.