It took another 2 weeks of little stuff, a new fuel pump (other was not yet replaced), a strange fuel filter gasket issue, some leaks in a water tank to fix, and 100 little things, of which are done, but another 200 are now found.  

But we made it and we are off sailing.
First trip was a 50 mile trip up the Chesapeake bay to fix the Freezer.  Apparently our Frigoboat freezer, which I have read lots of good things about, has a clog.  So they are fixing it tomorrow,....I hope.  But the extra insulation I added to the freezer/fridge are keeping things at 40 degrees with minimal ice.  So once it is up and running, we are optimistic we will have ice cream on hand!!!

WE had a trial by Big wave and wind for our first journey, just to shake everything loose that could go lose.  A few things did, but nothing significant.  I am sure I will be tinkering on and off the entire trip.  After all, isn't that was Cruising is all about???

Any way, this blog is done.   I am now updating about our trip.  Not as technical.  I will be adding information to this website, but not the blog.  I am going to be eventually adding before/after pictures, lots of technical specs for my own reference, and any boat changes will be added.  Plus equipment lists, and consolidate some of the other pages.

Thanks for following, and please, if you have a question let me know.

We will be at the Whitby Rendezvous in October with the boat.  Hope to see you there.

The boat will be up for sale after our trip to the Bahamas and back.  Let us know if you want to come take a sale along our trip.

Bryan, Tara, Sahara, and Devon.
Signing off from the Northern Phoenix, docked in Solomons Island Maryland.