Anybody who thinks "These screws will never be exposed to water"
"They don't need to be stainless"

Well take a look at these.  These are the screws that I could get out.  I have been taking out ALL the non stainless screws that I can find everywhere on the boat.  Most are rusted, some are just powdered remains.  A few come out, but most are useless.  If I can't get the screws out, I just yank the wood and it usually comes out, snapping the screws or just ripping them out.  I can't tell if these were original, they might be.  So they lasted 35 years.  Not too bad.  But how much money did they really save on the total cost of the boat to skip the stainless screws??  
Is it possible that they were stainless??  They are magnetic now.
(These are the better ones)