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SOLD in 2015


Here for Yacht World listing. 

 The plan is to put it up for sale in the Chesapeake Bay, but we can deliver, or help deliver.  If you want to come for a sail let us know, or if you have any questions, please contact us. 

Welcome to the adventure of rebuilding a Whitby 42.

My family and I are going on a 1 year trip down the east coast of Canada and US to the Bahamas (and beyond??).  We are leaving on July 1st, 2013.

At the moment we don't know where we will start the trip, but we want to be in the Bahamas for Christmas.  My daughter will will miss grade 8 and my son will miss grade 6.  I am a high science teacher and Tara is a Kinesiology Professor at York University, home schooling will not be difficult.

The Boat: 1978  Hull 120  Non Bow sprit

Purchased April 2, 2011

Arrived on May 14, 2011

Cookstown Ontario, 45 minutes north of Toronto. Canada

We found a real bargain of a Whitby 42.  Hull number 120.  It was already in a serious state of repair and rebuilt,  with most of the boat in the owner's basement.  Almost every single wire was out of the boat, all the plumbing was gone and part of the deck was ripped up and in a state of repair.  The owner was going to be moving for a new job offer and had to sell the boat.  

It was not easy deciding to purchase a boat that was in pieces.  Hard to tell if it was all there, if any of it worked.  I couldn't test much of anything.  All deck hardware was in boxes, electronics not hooked up, etc.. etc...  But the current owner had already done some work on the boat and it was impressive.  The previous owner had not cut any corners and was doing things right.  The previous owner is almost as important as the boat.  So I took the chance.  So far so good.  

I live out in the country on 3 acres of land, so I built a new drive way and brought the boat home.  Ran water and electricity right up to the boat.  The boat came with a large collection of old greenhouse poles used to make a tarp over the boat, which I used to build a green house for varnishing, etc...  Has worked nicely.  The first thing I did was the stairs.  1 foot deep stair with a gentle pitch makes life so easy to go up and down.  I think I have already made 289 trips up the stairs (but who is counting)

The Workers

Tara has taken on the cosmetic projects, such as Painting, Varnishing, cushions.  I am taking on all the epoxy and mechanical work.  We do most projects together but it helps to split up the bulk of the research into what to do.  My daughter, now 11 almost 12 is to be the Junior Electrician and my son who is 9 almost 10 will be the junior Plumber.  They have already been great helps with some fiberglass projects and those pesky jobs that need 3 hands.  They are both very strong for their age and fit into all those small spaces. 

The Plan

Summer 2011:  To finish all the deck work and get the boat painted, windows all re bedded and have the boat waterproof from the outside.

Things were going well until August when I broke my collar bone.  Things have been on a bit of a holding pattern since.  But I did get the primer paint on.

Then the collar bone didn't heal and I had Surgery in January to fix it.  Hopefully I will be working on the boat again by March. (Yup..back to normal...)

Things we have done:

Refrigeration system:  Going with the Figoboat Keel cooler system, 12 volt compressor and large evaporator plate. INstalled

Onan Generator  Got it

Collecting supplies; Wires, Pipes, fittings, Hardware, etc...  All that little stuff that takes a thousand trips to the hardware store.  Most

Electrical and plumbing schematics   Working on it.

Fabric materials   DONE

Center fuel tank:  done

Sea cock clean up and new fiber glass backing plates Done 

New hatch screens and window hatches

Spring 2012: DONE

                         Finished Gutting the interior.

                         Remove center fuel tank

                         Rebuild area of center fuel tank and get new ones (replacing with 2)  Install

                         Sand and prep the interior for paint/varnish 

                         Finish Engine Rebuild (contracted out)

                        Redo fridge and ice box with more insulation.  Install frigo-boat cooling.

                        Build new bench seating on starboard side (instead of double chairs.

                        Water tanks... inspect and decide on actions.

Summer 2012 DONE

                        Install engine and generator  bring in the crane.

                        Install all engine related parts.  Exhaust, intake, etc...

                        Install all electrical wires

                        Install all plumbing

                        Varnish or Paint all wood that came off the boat.

                        Install all the wood we took off the boat

                        Paint Kiwi Grip paint

                        Install deck gear

                        Clean all the Cushion foam.

Fall 2012 DONE

                        Order and install swim platform

                        Order and install new anchor bow roller 

                        Fix and upgrade the custom stern railing.

                        Get a Bimini and Dodger done (may wait until spring 2013)

                        Mast and Rigging

                        Install all electrical equipment

                        Install hydraulic steering elements and auto pilot.

Winter 2012/2013  DONE

(Because of the cold weather, on the boat work is shoveling snow off a boat is just plain annoying.)

                        Take a short break.

                        Ask for lots of boat gear for Christmas!!

                        Redo all cushions

                        Evaluate what gear we need

                        Finish sanding / Grinding the bottom. (great in the winter to do this)

Spring 2013 DONE

                        Try not to panic 

                        Find somebody to rent our home

                        Gear up the boat

                        Bottom barrier coat and bottom paint DONE

                        Figure out where to start our trip, get boat shipped out and mast up, in the water, etc...

                        Say our good byes,

                         Have kids' birthday /going away parties (Both in June!!)

July 1st 2013 DONE

          Leave our home!!!!  Get on a sail boat and let the real adventure begin.

Christmas 2013 DONE

                        Be in the Bahamas

April 2014 DONE

                        Start heading back north

June 2014  Now for Sale, 

                        Finish our trip in the Chesapeake Bay (My parents live there and where I grew up)

Put the Whitby 42 for Sale  NOW!!  

Currently in Annapolise at Bert Jabins Boat Yard.  LISTED ON Yacht World.


Contact info:

Feel free to give me an Email.